A Critical Study of Mahayana Buddhism in South India  (View / Download)
Alok Kumar Verma


Challenges in Contributing in Institutional Repository System: A Study (View / Download)
P. Sankar, Dr. E. S. Kavitha 


Factors Influencing the Contribution in Institutional Repository System among the Faculty Members, Coimbatore: A Study (View / Download)
P. Sankar, Dr. E. S. Kavitha


Isolation and Identification of Bacteria’s from Cattle Dung used in Microbial Fuel Cells to Generate Bioelectricity (View / Download)
Gagandeep Kaur, Yadwinder.S.Brar, D.P.Kothari


On Some Modified Exponential Ratio Type Estimators of in Two-Phase Sampling (View / Download)
Archana Panigrahi, Gopabandhu Mishra


An Effectual Analysis on the Impact of Geometry on Photonic Crystals (View / Download)
Surendra Kumar Verma, Dr. Anuj Aggarwal


Environmental Legislations in India (View / Download)
Rajinder Kumar Gupta, Dr. J. K. Mittal


Decline of Soviet Union: Causes and Consequences (View / Download)
Dr. Vikramjit Singh


An Effective Analysis of Electroencephalographic Nano Wave Patterns (View / Download)
Seema, Dr. Motiram


Integration of Laser Based Technology for Security and Catastrophe Management (View / Download)
Sanehaa, Dr. Motiram


Laser Technology and Applications in Assorted Domains (View / Download)
Rashmi, Dr. Nempal Singh


Astrophysics and Astronomy with the Cavernous Association of Physics and Related Dimensions (View / Download)
Jyoti, Dr. Nempal Singh


Implementing Scalable and High Performance Machine Learning Algorithms using Apache Mahout (View / Download)
Ankita, Dr. Om Parkash


An Approach To Comprehend The Quality Of Services (QoS) For Wireless Sensor Network (View / Download)
Praveen Kumar Rai, Dr. P.K. Bharti, Dr. Rakesh K. Yadav


Investigation Of Disease Using The Machine Learning Approach (View / Download)
Vipin Rai, Dr. P.K. Bharti, Dr. Rakesh K. Yadav


Problem Based Learning and Perspectives (View / Download)
Rekha Devi, Dr. Dharmendra Singh


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